UX/User Research Projects with Usertimes


Usability/ UX Studies

Defined testing to evaluate hypotheses, prototypes, or live systems in the right context (device, location, customer journey steps).


We support customers who want to establish their own user research capabilities, teams, tools, and processes, with training in terms of sensitization to the topic user research, enabling, and operation basics.

Card-Sorting Studies

Using a methodical approach to reveal a participant’s understanding of structures, hierarchies, topic clusters, and navigation.

Workshop moderation

While working on user research data it can be valuable to work in larger groups to discuss, align, and decide. We offer these workshops and moderation, for example, as project kickoffs or result handover events.

Kano Studies

Quantitative studies with your target group to evaluate features through a methodical approach by customer satisfaction and classify them into categories like must-haves and attractive features.

Prototype Testing

Precise testing of prototypical products and features through all maturity and fidelity stages. Based on our experience we’ll find a proper way to test your prototype suitable to its development stage.

Contextual Interviews

Focussing on the environment, use case, and contextual factors in the study which play a role in using a product or service. In some cases this is pure fieldwork at the user’s location.

Quantitative Surveys

General large-scale studies for statistical analysis and broader insights. Depending on the underlying problem this can reach from one question to a full-fledged answer book.

All those services are potential baselines of our deliverables and include conceptuation of the study, creation of interview guides and the recruitment of participants. Based on our expertise we consult in terms of methods and tools and the proper setup of these in remote or on-locations studies and during all product development phases.

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Extremely efficient!

Within 4 days of the first contact a complex study with 55 randomized question pairs was created and conducted with more than 3000 participants.

In the context of this study Usertimes really impressed me with fast and extensive understanding of the task at hand, as well as with their efficient execution. I can absolutely recommend the services of Usertimes.

Johannes Traschütz, Head of Product Management Digital

Very Insightful!

The quick and insightful user test revealed significant hints to room for improvement.

Especially the customer’s journey from the presentation of our app in the app store to the in-app onboarding was identified as crucial step for optimization.

Rolf Borcherding, Senior Manager UX/UI

9% Uplift on Sign-Up

The extensive results from Usertimes constantly send valuable impulses to the whole product team. Based on the gathered insights we were able to achieve significant improvements, particularly a 9% increased sign-up rate.

Julian Ermert, Product Manager


In our customer projects, we see ourselves as enablers. Not by doing it our way, but working together to identify the research steps that we can support you in. This comes in various forms: By providing methodical input, conducting studies, or delivering user insights as a ready-to-use report.

We offer the whole spectrum: From part-service to full-service, from doing to teaching.

So let’s get started in the way that suits you!

Your Benefits
    • Efficient communication through the assigned product manager
    • High quality work with minimized overhead by a dedicated project team
    • Always be informed about the current project proceedings and status by frequent updates
    • Highly customized to our customer’s needs
    • Quick adaptations when your requirements change


The Y1 Group

We are a partner of the Y1 Group – “The agency for valuable and sustainable digital commerce projects”.

Due to the possibility of close cooperation, we can extend projects based on customer needs. For certain topics, we can call in suitable experts for detailed analysis and provide related services as a single contractor.

Suppliers and cooperation partners
  • Multiple international panels for participant recruiting, all in accordance with ESOMAR guidelines.
  • Multiple full-service UX/digital agencies for ideation and implementation services.


Qualitative User Testing B2C

Qualitative User Testing B2C

  • Validation of new prototype
  • 45 min interviews
  • 8 participants
  • Remote on mobile devices
  • Narrow tech affine, wealthy target group (incl. participant recruitment)
  • From study design to highlight report

Qualitative User Interviews B2B

Qualitative User Interviews B2B

  • Explorative use case examination
  • 60 min interview
  • 10 interviews in 4 locations (international)
  • On-site interview in the (industrial) work environment
  • A defined profession as testers
  • From study design to moderated analysis workshop @ client

Feature Categorization - Quantitative study

Feature Categorization - Quantitative study

  • Input for strategic product decisions
  • Survey via the Kano-method
  • 400 participants
  • 10 features to investigate
  • Wide target group B2C
  • Analysis by different customer segments

Design Thinking / Design Sprint Input

Design Thinking / Design Sprint Input

  • Providing “the outside view” during a design sprint
  • 30 min interviews
  • 4 participants
  • Interviews are scheduled to a time slot within the sprint
  • The new concept is shown/discussed with the participants
  • Learnings can be used in the next steps of the sprint

Qualitative User Research B2C

Qualitative User Research B2C

  • Getting the team aligned towards the user
  • 45 min interviews
  • 8 participants
  • Customer journey focus
  • Highlight reels and insight extraction
  • Joint workshop with the team for a first analysis

SEO domain competitiveness - a quantitative study

SEO domain competitiveness - a quantitative study

  • Selecting the right domain name
  • A/B/multivariate test
  • Single choice survey with fake SERPs
  • 10 domains, 45 combinations
  • 60 answers per combination
  • ~3000 participants
  • Detailed analysis of competitiveness

Workshop “Two day Research” Framework

Workshop “Two day Research” Framework

  • Enabling the team for user research in agile environments
  • 10 person workshop
  • Within 1 day 
  • Interactive and practical workshop
  • Live demonstration and use of tools
  • Practical sessions based on the participants’ product or service


Understanding what your user wants is the key to successful user-centered Product development. User Research offers knowledge about your users and target group.
If you’re developing a new product or developing new features of an existing product, it is important to detect your user’s needs. This allows products to be tailored precisely to the user. It also significantly minimizes financial risks in software development if you implement your findings into your development process.


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