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Usertimes is carrying out projects and provides solutions with focus on optimal user experience (UX). We master our customers’ challenges technologically skilled, originally, reliably, and efficiently.

By focussing on User Experience to a successful product

The integration of real user feedback in the development and design processes of digital products leads to improved usability, less support overhead, increased customer satisfaction, long-term time saving and higher revenue. Good UX has become a crucial buying criterion – in B2C as well as in the B2B context.

We are happy to advise you in detail based on your individual circumstances. Our offering contains user testing and user research, usability reviews and audits, UX workshops and further formats.

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Our UX tool for efficient research

When not delivering UX insights to our clients, we’re building tools – to learn, for fun, to generate profit, and to make user research, UX and usability testing a breeze for us and others.

Prioritizing features with Kano+

Use the Kano method to assess your product’s features based on customer feedback. Thereby you can identify features that are vital and such that are engaging and delightful to your customers. Kano+ is a tool to create, run, and analyze Kano studies online and provide you with rich results to support your product decisions.

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