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06/04/19 – Launch

On 4th of June we reached a long-awaited milestone: We presented our tool for UX research to the world. Now everybody can sign up for a 30-day trial to store, analyze, and evaluate their research data in one place.

Team expansion (permanent positions): 03/01/19 Sales: Niki;  05/15/19 Marketing: Mara

In March and May we welcomed new members to the Usertimes family! Nicolas will take on major parts in sales and customer care to complement the current team. Mara will boost our marketing and all connected areas. We’re more than happy to have them on board and grow as a team!

03/01/19 – more office space

In consideration of current and future new members of our team, we expanded our office space! Thus, we now have plenty of space to grow and act out our ideas. Come by if you are around and have a coffee 🙂

WUD Team

11/08/18 – First World Usability Day (WUD) in Karlsruhe

A few months ago, we decided to bring the German UPA’s World Usability Day to Karlsruhe. Today we’re proud that the event was a full success! Together with about 100 interested UX people we heard exiting talks to this year’s topic „UX Design for Good or Evil?“. Thanks everyone for making this a great event!

10/26/18 – Technologiefabrik Debut

After moving at the beginning of the month, we officially celebrated our debut in the Technologiefabrik Karlsruhe on the 23rd of October. A big thank you to all who were there and celebrated our new office with us!

Usertimes Team

10/16/18 – Usertimes is founder of the month!

„Our founder of the month October is Usertimes. The young start-up offers quick, process-integrated usability and UX testings. They are convinced that users should be involved in the development process…“

Read more on the KIT Gründernews

10/01/18 – Usertimes moves!

After Laura and Luc joined the Usertimes team, our old location at the Launchpad at the PionierGarage co-working space became to small.

From now on we’ll be working on solutions for usability, UX and insights management from the Technologiefabrik.

First Momentum Ventures Logo

09/01/18 – Pre-Seed Invest from First Momentum Ventures

Usertimes secures itself a pre-seed investment from First Momentum Ventures – Germany’s first venture capital firm lead by students. We’ll use this opportunity to invest in growth, extend the team, and boost marketing to bring our products forward.

Techtag reports about the investment, First Momentum’s view to the future collaboration is published on Medium.

KIT Neuland Festival

07/27/18 – 3rd position at KIT Neuland founder’s pitch

At the KIT Neuland founder’s pitch pre-selected start-up teams get the opportunity to present their business idea to a top-class jury and a broad audience. The teams only have four minutes to convince the jury – consisting of business angels and venture capitalists – and the audience. The winners will be awarded the jury and audience prizes as part of the evening program…

Overview of this year’s participants

05/17/18 – E-Commerce case study at techtag

Shop operators who want to participate in the revenue growth of e-commerce must be able to position themselves within the top 500 online shops. In order to stand out from the competition, it is important to know exactly what customers want from webshops. This should not be based on the own picture about the target group, instead the customers should be involved.

Read the whole article on

Post Its

04/11/18 – The feature organizer at CyberForum newsroom

„When developing products or new features, a common bottleneck is the lack of resources in the development teams. Be it time, money, or manpower – normally not all planned features can be implemented. This makes it all the more important to be aware of where the investment of energy is sensible and profitable…..“

Read the whole article on

CyberLab Tassen

Bild: Christian Ernst

04/11/18 – Startup-BW reports about teams at CyberLab

Since the opening of the CyberLab in September, eleven start-ups have qualified for the program. The teams are convincing with innovative software, platform, and AI solutions – and are therefore in good hands in Karlsruhe…

Read the whole article on

All about Voice

04/01/18 – Podcast: all about voice

Our CEO Jonas is guest in the „All About Voice“ podcast from 169 Labs. Topics are voice assistant applications and ways to test them.

Listen to the whole podcast (in German) on SoundCloud.

04/01/18 – Launch of our online kano tool

After a lot of hard work, we’re proud to launch our first own tool for online priorization of features! With you’re able to run a requirements analysis in very short time.

Try the Kano Tool at

02/27/18 – Jonas at the CyberLab founder’s check

Bild: PionierGarage

01/29/18 Usertimes wins the GROW competition

„Wine app, fitness trainer, or intelligent plaster – the competitors in the Grow start-up competition were fierce. In the end, the three-person „Usertimes“ team was able to prevail. They developed a quick solution to carry out user tests and thus make products more intuitive….“

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