Evaluate usability tests in the most efficient way

Level up your UX research. Use our intuitive online platform to evaluate interview recordings as well as data gathered in thinking aloud sessions.Coming soon.

Create transcripts

Transcribe your video and audio recordings yourself or use our transcription service. Stay on top of which feedback was given by which user at which moment of a study

Analyze videos intelligently

Use all available videos – the source doesn’t matter. Our algorithms can draw valuable information from the video as well as the audio track to provide you with maximal support.


Create notes and exploit their full potential

Create notes including texts, video and audio snippets and more to gather all relevant data in a central place. Use text search and filters to locate relevant content immediately.

Conduct qualitative data analysis

Flag highlights in your notes and transcripts and add tags to identify patterns and themes in your data. Our helpful visualizations make meaningful connections obvious.


Organize and connect insights

Tag the parts of your data you used to draw conclusions and help your team understand and reconstruct your process of thought. That way your insights are well documented and decisions are attested.


Finish projects and share results

Cooperate with your team in real-time during the evaluation phase and share insights with stakeholders – immediately! Choose between multiple ways to present your results and generate suitable reports.